Royal Government of the Westarctican Colony of Raphania

The government of the Colony of Raphania is ruled as a neo-absolute monarchy led by the Sultan (Feminized as Sultana). In addition, at the whim of the monarch, the position of Viceroy whom acts as a senior adviser to the throne. Consulting the Sultan on the many facets of state and assisting in governing the realm in the monarch's absence. 

All judicial power within the nation is held by the monarch and it (along with all other governmental powers) can be devolved to other representatives such as judges, legislatures, military officers, bureaucrats, etc. at the monarch's whim.


His Majesty's former Royal Office, Royal Compound, Raphania 


Royal Council

The Royal Council of Raphania (known as the "Tamenparli" in Raphanian Englishis the de facto legislative and administrative body of the nation made up of individuals (known as Councilors or General Councilors if not serving a specific role) that are appointed by the Viceroy for their loyalty, knowledge, experience and work both in Raphania and abroad.


  • Travis I - Sultan
  • Sir Charles Ross - Princely Viceroy/Speaker of the Council

His Excellency,         

First Prime Minister          

General Tony, Bey of Garretsburg  



Defense, security and policing within the Colony of Raphania is conducted by the Raphanian Royal Air Defense Force (abbreviated to RADF). This organization is headed by the Sultan as Commander-in-Chief and Air-Marshal. The current commanding officer is is His Highness, the Viceroy who holds the rank of Colonel.

Military service is open to Raphanian volunteers between the ages of 16-35 and select foreign volunteers between the ages of 18-40.

The standard weapons of the RADF include the Chiappa Survival Rifle, the SIG Sauer P320 and various survival knives.

The RADF are currently based out of their primary barracks in the Garretsburg, Raphania .

Rendering of British Spitfire in RADF Livery