National Flag of Raphania

The national flag of Raphania consists of three horizontal stripes made up of orange on the bottom, yellow in the center and white on the top. The flag also includes the national Arms in the upper left-hand corner.

The flag of Raphania was adopted on April 14th 2022 following the overthrow of the government of Shah Alexander and the institution of Raphania's current regime.

The flag was designed by His Majesty, Charles I and by Raphania's first Prime Minister Tony.

Coat of Arms of Raphania

Raphania's Coat of Arms consists of a floral-laced shield with a purple background, a rolled scroll at the bottom, a crown at the top adorned by a cross and a circular center surrounded by nine five-pointed stars. The circle in the center is made up of an orange ring with a crown at the top, light blue background and a yellow Egyptian-style eagle in the center.

Royal Seal of Raphania

Raphania's Royal Seal consists of a circular device of Orange and Yellow adorned with the text: "Grand Emirial State of Raphania" (a nod to the nations unofficial alternative name). Inside the circle is a light-blue center. Inside the center, two crossed sabers are connected with a stream of water flowing between the two. On top of this rests an Egyptian-style eagle with Raphania's national colors in its center. Also within the eagle's base is an Arabic inscription which roughly translates to English as the national motto: 

"Better to own than to be owned".

Royal Standard of the Grand Emir

Raphania's Royal Standard consists of a red version of the nation's Coat of Arms on a red banner with a gold outline. The standard is used to represent the Grand Emir and to a lesser extent the royal family as a whole.


National Anthem:

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"May we defend Raphania" is an instrumental piece which serves as the nation's national anthem. The origin of the tune originates in the former anthem of Afghanistan which was used during the nation's time as a communist state. Currently the tune has no lyrics.