Royal Decrees from His Majesty, the Sultan


  • Royal Decree 001 - Royal Government of Raphania shall hereby be established now and evermore as a hereditary monarchy under the reign of a Grand Emir.
  • Royal Decree 002 - The positions of Shah and Marshal shall henceforth be dissolved.
  • Royal Decree 003 - A National Museum shall be established for the preservation of Raphanian artifacts known as the "Raphanian National Museum"
  • Royal Decree 004 - Raphania shall henceforth recognize the independence of the nations of Luhansk and Donetsk from the Republic of Ukraine.
  • Royal Decree 005 - The territory of Raphania shall include all properties owned by the ruling Grand Emir of Raphania and his heirs.
  • Royal Decree 006 - The Grand Emir hereby declares the intent of the annexation and invasion of the former Phoklandian shoreline of "New Prussia" and declares it to be the "Province of the Herenolia Coast".
  • Royal Decree 007 - Raphania annexes a new property in the Arizona desert owned by the monarch.
  • Royal Decree 008 - The Administrative center of the new decree annexed in Royal Decree 007 shall become the nation's new capital.
  • Royal Decree 009 - Designating and codifying the oath of coronation for all future monarchs of Raphania going forward.
  • Royal Decree 010 - Designating every April 12th as a national holiday known as "Revolution Day" honoring and remembering the Raphanian Revolution of April 2022.
  • Royal Decree 011 - Replaces National Anthem with new one as decided by the results of the "2022 National Anthem Referendum".
  • Royal Action Document 22-08-1 - Raphania hereby establishes that it is its duty to protect the independence of all desert based micronations, everywhere.
  • Royal Decree 012 - Returns the Raphanian Royal Leased Concession back to the United States and declares the new residence of the Grand Emir as the new Raphanian administrative center and de facto Embassy.